At Rainbow Accessories I sell a range of feminine products, along with a small selection of gifts for the men in their lives. Therefore if a new bag is the order of the day my choice is amazing, from a simple everyday shopper to one fit for a Queen.

Although my shop is small, the range of products is wide with scarves, jewellery, purses, wallets, watches, clocks—and even hair accessories along with other little treats.

In addition to my product range, I have recently started selling a range of Italian Fashion items, therefore allowing customers to choose a whole outfit with accessories to match.

Rainbow Accessories is proud to be Kendal’s MAIN supplier of Eco Chic products—all listed in my online store.

On a personal level, I took over the already established business in January 2018, whereupon the previous owner trained me up in a range of skills to work with watches.

Furthermore, I also specialise in the replacement of watch batteries and straps—all with quality products.

Two years later, in January 2020 I took it upon myself to move from my position in The Westmorland Shopping Centre to my present location, thus affording me more space and the ability to expand my range.

Having been raised in a retail environment, I have worked for much of my adult life in this sphere, and have already run two previous successful businesses.

As many of my friends have already informed me, I LOVE to talk, and I feel this drive and impetus to truly help my customers with a range of carefully sourced quality products.

Rainbow Accessories is proud to be Kendal’s main supplier of Eco Chic products—all listed in my online store.